Washer & Dryer

washerLet the professionals at D&S Handyman Service perform expert washer & dryer installations and service. If you need a washer & dryer installed, D&S Handyman can help you pick out a washer & dryer, make the purchase for you outright, or install a washer & dryer you already have. Washer & dryer installs can start as low as $65. We will make sure that the washer and dryer are properly balanced and leveled so that they will run at peak performance.

D&S Handyman Service will gladly haul away any old washer and dryer equipment that you may have. If your current dryer is not drying properly, we can help with this issue by cleaning out the vent. Other issues may involve washing machine valves and hose replacement which we can customize for any style washer, old or new.

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