Hoses & Sprinklers

sprinkler head watering the bush and grassLet D&S Handyman Service handle all of your outdoor plumbing repairs.  We proudly offer full service hose and sprinkler repair, replacement and installation for all of your irrigation needs. D&S Handyman Service will repair leaks, replace sprinkler heads, and add/run new lines just to name a few of the services.

If you notice your water bill is a bit higher than usual, this could have something to do with your PVB (Pressure Vacuum Breaker). If your PVB has even the slightest leak, this can cause a spike in your water bill. Sometimes your PVB may need repaired or replaced, but in other cases, your PVB may just need insulated.  D&S Handyman Service will diagnose the problem and come up with the best possible solution for you.

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